What is Startup Games?
Startup Games is a 501c3 organization delivering a high energy competition that engages startups in tournament-style games for charity. Young professionals and senior executives play side-by-side in ping pong, dodgeball, Mario Kart 64 and more. Each startup plays for the charity of their choice, and every charity walks away with a grant for their organization. The largest portion of the funds raised go to the charities of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams.

How do I know if my company qualifies for Startup Games?
If your startup has between 25-250 employees, you qualify to compete in the games.

Does my company have to be a technology startup to participate?
No, you don’t have to be a technology company. We encourage companies in the Startup ecosystem to join! Get in touch to learn more.

What games are played?
Teams play in games including dodgeball, ping pong, Mario Kart 64, cornhole, pop-a-shot and more!

How many teams can play?
Depending on your city, Startup Games includes between 10-18 teams.

How large is each team?
Each team is made up of 25+ athletes from your company.

What is Level Up Games?
Level Up Games is a spin-off of Startup Games for companies with over 250 employees. Currently Level Up Games is only available in Austin.

What impact does Startup Games have?
From 2012-2018, Startup Games has engaged over 46,000 people and 200+ startups in culture and team building games that give back. Our organization has raised over $500,000 for over 200 charities across Austin, Denver and Atlanta with plans to expand to more cities soon. Learn more about our impact here! [link to impact page]

Who can I connect with to learn more?
Email us at contact@startupgames.com to learn more about getting involved.